From 1:1

to Online Course

With Lisa Kniebe

When: Tuesday 23rd February 2021 @ 10am AWST

Where: Zoom (I'll provide the link)

Why: Because your dream client needs your course!


Places are limited +

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In this FREE masterclass you'll learn...

  • How to get clarity on your online course and what's keeping you stuck
  • 3 simple steps to finally move from 1:1 and create your course
  • The biggest obstacle to getting started and how to overcome it 

Create an online biz you love...

When it comes to creating an online course, so many business women I speak to say they don’t know where to start. They tell me...

'I’m overwhelmed. My brain is so cluttered. I have no time.’

I want to share how to avoid getting STUCK with 3 simple steps that will -

  • Free you from getting bogged down in the details
  • Help release your perfectionist worries
  • Activate the zone of impactful action

Your online course road map!


The future YOU is ready to

Teach Your Passion

And share your magic with the world in an online course.

Build a Biz You Love

That fits around what matters most - kids, family and travel!

Make a Bigger Impact

Clone your genius, share your gifts and touch more lives

Why creating a course doesn't have to be hard...

You know your stuff, you’re already helping people on a daily basis, so why does it feel so hard to translate this into an online course?

After all, it's not like you're new to all this...

  • You've presented workshops
  • Delivered training
  • And spoken at events

So, what's holding you back?

I say this with much love, but...

Chances are it's YOU! 😱

Creating an online course doesn't have to be hard, but it will take you out of your comfort zone.

And that's why I'm here to show you the way.

To navigate the GROWTH zone.

To share the next steps.

And to help you move smoothly (and painlessly) from 1:1 to online course.

So... are you in?


What course creators say...

"For 2-years I’ve been trying to get an online course up and running, I wish I’d worked with Lisa earlier to save a whole heap of time, frustration and money!"

- Elaine Davies, creator of - Buy Property Like A Pro

"Lisa allowed me to methodically work through the areas that I needed to consider and I now have a blueprint from where I can create a course." 

- Christina Cabrera, creator of - Money Smart Woman

"You helped me get clear on how I wanted to share the information with women, what my core message was and how to share that in small bite sized bits."

- Amanda Hobley, creator of Stress Less, Love More

Hi I'm Lisa.

I show entrepreneurs how to package their knowledge into an online course, clone their genius and scale their business online.

If you’ve ever had to turn clients away because you’re fully booked (or work all hours to squeeze them in), then this masterclass is perfect for you.

In it I'll share the 3 simple steps to move past stuck and finally create your online course with an easy-to-follow road map.